In this section you will have access to firmware updates of the Magnetar UDP900.

The firmware upgrade option will be only available when the player contains no disc or completely stops. Firmware is system software with functions for controlling the player. Since specifications for Blu-ray discs are new and being constantly improved, the Blu-ray discs issued after production of these players would adopt new specifications and have new functions. Therefore, to ensure optimal viewing experiences, the player firmware has to be updated from time to time. We strongly advise our users to upgrade the firmware through Internet directly from the player. USB installation is restricted to resellers or professional use only.

UDP900 Version V704

202MB — 2024/2/26


1.Fix: the system crash when playing the “The Wandering Earth II” BD disc.
2.Update Polish OSD text.
3.Update Korean OSD text.
4.Support special models of NAS servers.
5.Support CD album names exceeding 128 characters.
6.Optimize the operation of the online upgrade interface.
7.Display ‘remaining time’ on the music playback interface.
8.Change the default volume setting from 100 to 20.
9.When playing SACD, can use the AUDIO key to switch between 2-channel/multi-channel playback modes.
10.Fix: Switch stuck between multiple Dolby Vision MP4 files.
11.Fix: No sound from the subwoofer during TEST TONE.
12.DLNA support for DSD file sharing.


UDP900 Version V677

99MB — 2023/12/13

Changelogs V677:

1 – Fix: When playing SACD, if there is an HDMI disconnection/reconnection, the playback will come to a full stop and then start playing the disc from the beginning.
2 – Add: export and import of configuration files.
3 – Fix: During video playback, some images on the Video_P menu cannot be displayed.
4 – Edit: Modify the menu of BDAV disc.
5 – Add Korean OSD language.
6 – Fix: ES9038 has slight background noise under special circumstances.
7 – Add Polish OSD language.


UDP900 Version V655

201MB — 2023/10/19

Changelogs V655:

1 – Add Speaker Settings feature.
2 – Add: Display loading progress when playing video files.
3 – Add: Support customers to replace the Home Menu wallpaper via USB disk.
4 – Add: Change the Russian font.
5 – Added support for CIFS 3.
6 – Allow users to control auto power off during screen saver.
7 – Now the VFD brightness setting is saved.
8 – Long press and hold the RESOLUTION button now force HDMI to output 1080P.
9 – Fixed an issue causing the player to restart when playing certain MKV files.
10 – When playing the disc, the player automatically selects the subtitles expected by the user.
11 – Improved the display of Japanese and Russian characters.
12 – Fix: Playback of non-standard VOB files, incorrect aspect ratio of video output.
13 – Fix: When HDMI outputs 4K resolution, BD/DVD/VCD cannot Zoom in/out.
14 – Fix: Arabic subtitle parsing bug.
15 – Fix: Optimize the playback of movies recorded by personal cameras.


How to Update Firmware Using Network

If the network to which your player is connected is normal, you can upgrade your player firmware through the network.

1 – Power ON your player and make sure that there is no disc inserted.

2 –Using your remote, click on « setup ».

3 – Select « options » then « update » then « Network ».

4 – Do not power OFF your player during the update.

5 – After the upgrade reload the default settings « setup » then « options » then « load default ».

How to Update Firmware Using a USB Flash Drive

1 – On a USB disk root, create a folder « UPG » copy and paste all the « .bin » files. (For macOS users, format your USB key in “EXFAT”)

2 – Insert the USB disk into your player

3 – Power ON your player

4 –Using your remote, click on « setup »

5 – Select « options » then « update » then « USB storage »

6 – Do not power OFF your player during the update

7 – After the upgrade reload the default settings « setup » then « options » then « load default »