Firmware and Downloads UDP800

Equipped with the famous professional quad-core system Media Tek MT8581 chipset, the UDP800 4K UHD Blu-ray player features advanced image decoding and processing technology, with 4K ultra HD and HDR support, including Dolby Vision and HDR10+, providing clear and sharp picture and rich colors.

New Firmware

Changelogs V519:

1 – While Setup Menu TvSystem->AUTO and Resolution->1080I/P, play 23.976/24HZ film, HDMI no output of 23.976/24HZ.
2 – While Setup Menu Audio->Spdif->Bitstream, and the sound is muted. play BD/MOV and click BTN_NEXT, and then SPDIF will be UnMute.
3 – Play special video files(Audio is not supported, but video is supported). the playback will be auto paused.
4 – Standby power consumption slightly exceeds 0.5W.
5 – When playing SACD disc and outputting with DSD to the DAC, The left and right channels of Balanced Stereo Audio Output are not the same level.
6 – Edit: When playing 4K discs, slightly reduce the speed of the loader to reduce the noise of the loader.
7 – Add: Now you can adjust the PGS subtitles vertical coordinate in the subtitle adjustment menu.
8 – The last PGS subtitle on the disc cannot be displayed.

UDP 800 Version V519



How To Update The Firmware Of USB Flash Drive

After decompressing the upgrade file downloaded from the official website, put the whole directory of UPG into the root directory of the USB flash drive (the USB flash drive is preferably FAT32, single partition, not multi-partition or system boot disk) and then go to the menu of setting the disk drive, options, Upgrade, select the USB flash drive to upgrade.

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